8.0 FPT Generac Pro Powerwagon

8.0 FPT Generac Pro Powerwagon

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The Generac PRO Powerwagon, with an electric-start Generac G-Force engine, provides three forward speeds and one reverse, to match any walking pace. The Powerwagon has many benefits, like the disc brakes for use on sloping terrain, dumping at the push of a button, and easy maneuverability in tight spaces. These features make the Powerwagon the best choice for transporting materials when navigating narrow trails, wooded areas, and cramped doorways.



  • Generac G-Force Engine: Powerful, easy starting engines make our Powerwagon the natural choice for any task, and are designed for long life.

  • Powered Dumping: A steep 60° dump angle empties the bed thoroughly at the push of a button, minimizing the need for raking out materials.

  • Gear-Driven Transmission: Three forward speeds and a powered reverse match any walking pace and aid maneuverability in tight spaces.

  • More Maneuverable in Tight Spots: Two rear wheels rotate 360°, creating a tight turning radius, allowing the Powerwagon go through gateways and barn doors, into wooded areas, on narrow trails, and more!

  • Disc Brake: A hand-actuated disc brake checks the speed of a fully loaded cargo bed when operating on slopes. Lockable brakes secure the machine in place for loading and unloading.

  • 800 lbs (363 kg) capacity (8.0 ft3 [0.2 m3]).

  • Three forward speeds, one reverse.

  • One-piece molded bed; high-density polyethylene.

  • Powered dump allows unloading with the push of a button.

  • Rear caster-type wheels allow utmost maneuverability.