34 Ton Generac Pro Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter

34 Ton Generac Pro Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter

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The Generac PRO Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter with its powerful Generac G-force engine and steel piston compression seals provide 34 tons of force to split logs up to 30 in. in diameter and 35 in. long, year after year. The log splitter can be converted between vertical and horizontal modes in seconds and the 4-way wedge can be easily attached to create 4 logs from one split. This efficient log splitter can even be towed at speeds up to 45 mph, and the DOT tires ensure that it’ll be a smooth ride.



  • Generac G-Force Engine: Powerful, easy starting engines make our log splitters the natural choice for any task, and are designed for long life.

  • Simple Conversion: Switch between vertical and horizontal in only a few seconds.

  • Rugged Hydraulics: The hydraulic pump generates 3,500 psi (24,132 kPa) in the cylinder (5 in [12.7cm] bore). Steel piston compression seals provide consistent power, year after year.

  • Easy Towing: A 2 in (5 cm) ball hitch with safety chains comes standard, allowing for road towing at speeds up to 45 mph (72 kph). Big, 16 in (41 cm) DOT tires provide a smooth ride.

  • 4-Way Wedge: An optional 4-way wedge easily attaches to the splitting ram, creating four logs out of one split.

  • The horizontal-vertical log splitter has you covered for horizontal and vertical splitting jobs.

  • 34 tons (29 mt) of force to split the biggest logs.

  • Designed for easy conversion from horizontal to vertical, eliminating the need to lift heavy logs onto the work table.

  • Simplistic operation.

  • Towable with an ATV, UTV, or lawn tractor.*

  • Splits logs up to 30 in (76 cm) in diameter and 25 in (63.5 cm) in length.

  • Short, 16 second cycle time.

* Follow all local laws and regulations for lighting, prior to towing the unit.